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Want to get involved with EENC?  EENC is always looking for help to help with committees, action projects, and special events!  Volunteering is great way to help other educators across our state, share your voice to help EENC better serve our professional community, and it's a chance to get to know some really cool people.

Have questions about volunteering? Contact Lauren Pyle.

Current Opportunities

Resource Development Committee

Are you an EE professional that has recently become much more involved in raising funds for your organization or program than you were before?  Or are you interested in building your skills related to development?  EENC is looking for 2-3 volunteers to be part of our resource development committee.

This team will virtually meet each month in 2021.  Join this team to:

  • Learn the in's and out's of EENC's development efforts. You'll get to know our development strategies, explore our tools, and learn from our previous experiences

  • Gain experience in a variety of techniques that you can use in your own workplace

  • Exchange resources, feedback and ideas in this small community-of-practice type environment

  • Be mentored by EENC's current Resource Development Chair and Executive Director

  • Help advance EENC’s mission-driven work!

Are you a fundraising or development professional looking to give some of your time to support this work?  We'd be happy to add mentors to this group as well!

Contact Lauren Pyle to get involved in this committee.

Content Curators

Are you active on social media and have an amazing EE-related feed? Or are you plugged in to state-level environmental education news or on tons of EE organizations' mailing lists?  If you regularly come across news, features, videos, images, and resources that you think other people in North Carolina's EE community should be aware of, EENC could use your help as a content curator for our social media communications!  Ideally this position should take about an hour a month - just enough time to click "forward" or "share" for the things you're already discovering.  We're seeking 3-5 people to fill this role.  

Contact Lauren Pyle to get involved on this team.

Upcoming Opportunities

Looking ahead for where you can help?  We'll post the details for each of these as we get closer, but these are annual opportunities we generally ask our community to get involved with:

  • Mini-Grant Reviewers (March)
  • Conference Session Proposal Reviewers (April-May)
  • Conference Scholarship Application Reviewers (May-June) - full for 2021!
  • Awards Committee (August-September)
  • Conference Volunteers (September - recruitment happens when you register!)
  • Section Committees (ongoing, as openings arise)

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Waiver

Volunteers must complete the EENC Volunteer Waiver prior to service.  Please complete the form and email a copy to Lauren Pyle.

Volunteer Waiver

Volunteer Hours

Have you given time to support EENC?  If so, know we are so deeply appreciative.  We want to make sure your time is counted. Please report your hours of service to EENC by completing our volunteer hours form.

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