Conference Sponsorship

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring the 2022 EENC Annual Conference! Click here to see the 2022 information on the benefits you'll receive at different sponsorship levels, and options for offline support and in-kind donations. Ready to sponsor now before we've finalized this year's details? Please complete the form below to process a credit card payment for the conference sponsorship level of your choice.  If you want to opt in for a display-only exhibit, please enter the value of your exhibit in the open-ended "Other" line and include which day(s) you'd like to exhibit in the comments.

Immediate Benefits: We will widely publicize your logo and website before, during, and after the conference in both print and electronic formats.  We have a Facebook following of over 3000 individuals, and nearly 1200 members and contacts on our mailing list.  Plus, your donation may be tax deductible.

Prefer to donate an item?  Click here to learn all about auction donations.  Interested in being both a sponsor and exhibitor?  Enter the total amount in the form below as "other" and let us know in the comments.

Environmental Educators of North Carolina

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