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Unmuted: The Webinar (NAAEE Webinar)

  • Thu, December 17, 2020
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Based on findings from the new report, “Unmuted: What works, what doesn’t, and how we can all do better when working together online” this one-hour eeINSPIRE webinar addresses the question: What’s really happening when working together face-to-face means screen-to-screen? As the report’s title suggests, by pressing “unmute” and letting thousands of people sound off about their daily experiences in videoconferences, The Goodman Center was able to identify best practices worth emulating along with persistent problems that require attention.

Like the report, “Unmuted: The Webinar” is divided into nine sections focused on specific aspects of videoconferences such as structure, leadership and facilitation, engagement techniques, and more; and each section includes data-driven recommendations for improving your videoconferences going forward. In the December 2020 installment of the eeINSPIRE webinar series, presented by NAAEE in partnership with the US Forest Service, Andy Goodman, Director of The Goodman Center and the report’s author, will lead the webinar for NAAEE.


EENC is an affiliate co-host of the NAAEE monthly webinar series.

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