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  • EENC Webinar - Finding Our Feet: Groundedness & Place-Based Learning in a Time of Distance

EENC Webinar - Finding Our Feet: Groundedness & Place-Based Learning in a Time of Distance

  • Thu, December 17, 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

It is difficult to know where we are going, as a culture, as a world, as individuals, as a species if we do not first understand where we are physically. In this age of social media identity and disconnection from the land, many of us have sadly forgotten both our placed-ness and our creaturely-ness. Furthermore, in this season of Covid-19, we are also displaced from many of our human and non-human social communities. We are perhaps not daily aware of this grief, but it shapes all our interactions with this wild and precious world of which we are a part. Reconnecting to the literal ground beneath our feet, and the cycles flowing in and around us can be a critical first step towards a deeper kind of knowing and respecting and tending.

This workshop is geared towards both formal and informal educators who wish to invite their students, learners, friends, and colleagues of all ages into uniquely-contextualized ecological and cultural exploration. We will use embodied practices that can calm our nervous systems, reset our breath, and help us find our way in the midst of much frantic energy. Come join us while we learn the nature of our watersheds, where we are in the lunar calendar at any given moment, and the names of native species all around us as part of a deeper step into health and wholeness! Part contemplative exercise, part warm invitation into wonder, this session is about the posture with which we approach teaching connectedness and curiosity, and the ways we care for our own beings.

Presenter: Emma Childs
Held by the embrace of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Emma Childs is learning to make home in Black Mountain, NC, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from where she grew up in Asheville. She has spent the last 10 years exploring the deep connections between spirituality, ecology, farming, food systems, and community health. As a gardener and an informal educator, she is especially interested in the ways that learning rooted in open eyes and hands in the soil, delighting in our particular places can shift our understanding of climate change from abstract and overwhelming to relevant and personal, led not by fear, but by love for our human and non-human neighbors, and the beautiful global ecosystem of which we are a part.

About the EENC Webinar Series
Thanks to our amazing donors this spring, EENC is launching a fall webinar series to help environmental educators continue to build skills during the COVID pandemic. Throughout the series, we hope to cover a wide range of topics. Webinars may focus on lesson plans, curricula development, technology and virtual learning, naturalist skills/knowledge, educator self-care or environmental education operations such as communications, strategic planning for your program/department, risk management, or equity and inclusion.

Webinar registration is free and open to anyone to attend, but is limited to 100 participants. Click here to register.

Webinar will qualify for Criteria III and continuing education for NC DEQ EE Certificate.  

A recording of the webinar will be sent to attendees afterward.  It will also be posted on EENC's members-only page - so if you're an EENC member and not able to attend during the scheduled time, no need to register!

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