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  • EENC Webinar - An unknown world of small creatures: discovering overlooked biodiversity in North Carolina

EENC Webinar - An unknown world of small creatures: discovering overlooked biodiversity in North Carolina

  • Wed, July 08, 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

In front of your eyes, in your own backyards, is a small world of tiny creatures that live parts of their lives inside of the plants they eat. These insects mostly stay undetected, but are very diverse and are often unknown to science. This webinar will address leaf-mining insects (and perhaps leaf-tiers and gall insects as well), some recent discoveries, and how you can discover these tiny creatures in your backyards and document them for science.

Presenters: Tracy S. Feldman

Tracy S. Feldman is an ecologist, educator, and Associate Professor of Biology at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, North Carolina. He has worked on birds, insect pollination, fungal-viruses, and biodiversity, in diverse locations. He loves learning about natural history and enthusiastically sharing his discoveries with others.

About the EENC Webinar Series
Thanks to our amazing donors this spring, EENC is launching a webinar series to help environmental educators continue to build skills as we all negotiate the new normal with COVID-19. Throughout the series, we hope to cover a wide range of topics. Webinars may focus on lesson plans, curricula development, technology and virtual learning, naturalist skills/knowledge, educator self-care or environmental education operations such as communications, strategic planning for your program/department, risk management, or equity and inclusion.

Webinar registration is free and open to anyone to attend, but is limited to 100 participants.

Webinar will qualify for Criteria III and continuing education for NC DEQ EE Certificate.  For this webinar, there will also be an option to claim Criteria II credit if you complete and submit an outdoor homework assignment after the webinar.

A recording of the webinar will be sent to attendees afterward.  It will also be posted on EENC's members-only page - so if you're an EENC member and not able to attend during the scheduled time, no need to register!

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