Conference Scholarships

The 2021 Environmental Educators of North Carolina (EENC) will be held Friday, September 10 - Saturday, September 11, 2021. EENC is also hosting the annual Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance (SEEA) conference this year.  The EENC/SEEA conference will be held at the Lutheridge Camp and Conference Center in Arden, NC.  There will be pre-conference workshops, field trips, and experience on Thursday, September 9.

EENC is hoping to hold an in-person conference, but making all necessary arrangements to host a virtual conference if needed. Therefore, presenters must be able to present their proposed topic in-person or virtually. EENC will decide by July 1 if the conference will be held virtually, to give everyone plenty of time to prepare.

General Scholarships

Each year EENC provides scholarship funding to help educators attend the conference.  There is about $3000 available in scholarship funds this year.  $1000 of the scholarship funding is available specifically for college students.  Those applications will be evaluated separately from the general scholarship applications. 

The scholarships will be awarded at three levels: 1) Full- covers the registration cost for both days of the conference, 2) Day- covers the registration cost equivalent to one day of the conference, and 3) Half- covers the registration cost equivalent to half a day of the conference. Scholarship amounts awarded are based on the Early Bird Conference rates. EENC tries to award all applicants some amount of scholarship funding. 

Inclusion Scholarship

EENC strives to make the organization, and environmental education, more accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for all communities. One of our strategies includes supporting attendance at our conference that is more representative of our state’s demographics and educators. 

EENC is focusing on racial equity through our Inclusion Scholarship, in honor of Past President Deborah Miller.  EENC will award two scholarships to individuals who identify as people of color to attend the annual EENC conference.  The amount awarded for this scholarship will include the full conference registration plus an equivalent amount to be used for travel to and from the conference, additional meal expenses, and/or lodging.  Any travel expenses beyond the value of the stipend will be the responsibility of the awardee.  The travel stipend will be mailed 30 days prior to the conference.


Those interested in receiving scholarship funds must complete the Scholarship Application. Inclusion Scholarship applicants will complete the general scholarship application form and two additional questions.  Applicants who do not receive the Inclusion Scholarship will remain in the general scholarship applicant pool for consideration for a general scholarship award.

EENC recognizes that the scholarship application currently relies solely on an applicant’s writing and that is not everyone’s preferred form of communication.  If you would like to submit your application in the form of a video, audio, graphic design, artwork, poem, etc. there will be an option in the application to do so. 

Complete the form below to submit a scholarship application. Scholarship applications are due June 18.  Using a mobile device? Open the form on a separate page here.

Review Process

All EENC scholarships are awarded based on need and merit. Scholarship applications are reviewed by a team of judges and scored using a rubric; scores are averaged to get the final score of each applicant.  All scholarship awards are granted on the strength of an applicant’s answers to the questions in the scholarship application.  Applicants will be notified around July 6. 

Since all scholarship levels are based on the Early Bird Rates, scholarship recipients are encouraged to register by the Early Bird deadline of July 16.  If a recipient registers after the Early Bird deadline, the recipient is responsible for any money owed above the awarded amount. 

If you have any questions please contact Chris Goforth or Shannon Culpepper, EENC Conference Co-Chairs,

Environmental Educators of North Carolina

P.O. Box 4904
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-4904

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