Are you a classroom teacher, independent contractor, or other educator without nonprofit 501(c)3 status? If you need help qualifying for grants or accepting tax-deductible charitable contributions, EENC can serve as a fiscal sponsor for environmental education projects as a service to our membership.  The goals outlined in the projects must align with the mission and goals of EENC. Want to take advantage of this?  

EENC Fiscal Sponsor Process

 Contact the EENC Executive Director with your proposed project. Email to set up a time to talk about   your idea!

Put together a 1-2 page proposal. Tell us about your project mission or goals, project plan, estimated budget, and anything else you think the EENC Board of Directors should know.

The Executive Director will bring your proposal before the Board to review at the next monthly meeting. There needs to be a strong alignment of the project goals with environmental education or environmental literacy for your project to be approved.

If the Board approves your project, you and the Executive Director will sign a formal agreement to cover roles, reporting, fees, recognition, and other details.

After all four of the above steps are complete, you can begin submitting grant applications and reaching out to potential sponsors to support your project!

Why Fiscal Sponsorship?

"Using a fiscal sponsorship arrangement offers a way for a cause to attract donors even when it is not yet recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). In essence the fiscal sponsor serves as the administrative "home" of the cause. Charitable contributions are given to the fiscal sponsor, which then grants them to support the cause. " ~ National Council of Nonprofits

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