Environmental Education and the Every Student Succeeds Act

three students surrounding a clear storage bin filled with soil. female student is wearing a pink sweatshirt and two male students are wearing red. one students has a tree selling in a red soil cup and is filling it with soil. bin is on a picnic table. adult male in the background in grey zip up sweatshirt.

Environmental education is supported by the Every Student Succeeds Act, which makes EE experiences eligible for ESSA funding and  support.  As an environmental educator or a formal K-12 educator, this can be an incredible resource for getting children involved and engaged in environmental education!

Learn more about  the Every Student Succeeds Act and the implications for EE in this handy printable document.

This document was posted by the NC Department of Public Instruction under the title "Environmental Science Using ESSA Funding" on their website.

The following organizations have signed on in support the document linked above:

  • Environmental Educators of North Carolina
  • North Carolina Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs
  • North Carolina Association of Environmenal Education Centers
  • North Carolina Project WET
  • North Carolina Project WILD
  • North Carolina Project Learning Tree
  • Project OWL

Environmental Educators of North Carolina

P.O. Box 4904
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-4904

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